Thursday, November 15, 2007

Unofficial Podcast Ep. 25

Perhaps we should stop telling everyone exactly when we plan to release our podcasts... that way no one could get upset about us being "late" since we wouldn't have specified a date! Of course, that might prompt further conspiracies about why we aren't posting our podcasts more regularly, which could add additional complications to our already difficult situation! But I'm getting way ahead of myself. Today, we're back on the air to review "Life in the Third Person," parts one and two. Also, we announce the winner of our writing contest!

Right-click and save here to download.

Running Time: 41:24

Vote for your Favorite Story Entry!

Many thanks again to all our participants! Sarah and I thoroughly enjoyed them all! Right-click and save the following links (all in MS Word format) to download the six entries we received. Afterwards, let us know which entry you enjoyed the most! (See right-hand column.)

"Hidden Treasures...Maybe" by Catspaw
"Chaos Theory" by Elf of Rivendell
"Too Busy to Help is Too Busy" by Emma
"The New Baby" by Jessica
"Mass Production" by Marianna
"Cuffed Together" by Snow de Whit