Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Video from Q&A!

It's hard to believe it's already the end of April! With the AIO Live! CD/DVD available in only a couple days, I thought it'd be neat if I posted some of the videos I shot during the Q&A sessions following each Saturday show. Those of you who have already listened to our latest podcast will remember the question posed to Dave Griffin at the end of one of the Q&A sessions. Since the Q&A video footage will not be featured on CD or DVD, I figured this would be a great opportunity to show you guys some of my footage.

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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Unofficial Podcast Ep. 55

04.25.09. It's been a long time coming, but we finally did it! It's the long-awaited conclusion to our recap of the birthday bash in Colorado Springs! After a three month hiatus of her own, Sarah returns to the podcast with renewed vigor (like Mitch's flossing) as she recounts some of her most memorable experiences. And then I talk for a little bit, too. Lots of fun stories, some un-aired clips from our interviews at the podcast booth, and a whole lot more!

Celebrating 20 years of Adventures in Odyssey!

Inside Whit's End

Inside the recording studio

Chris Anthony and Aria Curzon

Hundreds of fans crowded into Focus' Chapelteria

Sarah with the 7-foot tall "Eugene"

Chris with Genni and Don Long

The amazing cast of Odyssey actors... and Eugene!

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Running Time: 1:01:47

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

AIO Live! Preview

Almost eight months to this day, I sat in the Focus auditorium with over a thousand Odyssey fans, cheering, laughing, and watching in sheer amazement as the actors performed BTV: Live! It truly was a once in a lifetime experience like never before. While I knew they were recording the episode, I didn't know that they would be producing a DVD product - and am I ever glad they chose to do so. Not only will it give me and the five thousand other fans who attended a chance to relive the moment, but it'll give the rest of you the opportunity to check out what you missed!

I recently received a preview copy of the DVD from Focus - here's a quick preview of what you should expect:

1. B-TV: Live! Motion Slideshow

This 45-minute presentation features numerous video clips and hundreds of photos from all three shows. What I particularly enojoyed about the slideshow were all the close-ups of the actors. You don't truly get an appreciation for what the actors do until you actually see them perform. I was somewhat disappointed the video quality wasn't consistent throughout the entire slideshow, but most of it is pretty good. The seventeen minutes of footage accounts for over one-third of the presentation and it's absolutely hilarious to watch. Check out a short clip from the show by clicking the play button below.

At the end of the show, there's also a 3-minute blooper segment with Chris Anthony desperately trying to pronounce, Rashonmyfeet, one of the characters in the show. Hilarious.

2. Event Slideshow

This 5-minute presentation features 43 photos recapping the everything from the live shows, podcast recordings, autograph session... and lots of cast and crew photos. Great stuff!

3. Fan on the Street Interviews

They aired this same 5-minute clip on the Official Podcast, but it's nice to have a high resolution version of the interviews. I'm definitely liking the new question menus!

4. Special Call-In Broadcast

Back in 2007, during Odyssey's official 20th anniversary, they had a special two-part tribute to the show on Focus' daily broadcast with John Fuller and Dr. James Dobson. Hearing from fans across the country (and even one caller from Australia!) express their appreciation for Odyssey is a huge treat and something you won't want to miss. I found it interesting that they included this segment on the DVD rather than the CD, especially considering this is something you might want to listen in your car rather than watch on your TV.

Overall, I was extremely impressed with the DVD. I'm glad it was edited and produced at 16:9 widescreen format rather than the standard 4:3 aspect ratio. It looks great on the HD television, that's for sure! Adventures in Odyssey: Live! will be available on May 1st. If you haven't already pre-ordered your copy, I highly recommend doing it now - the links are in the sidebar.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Novacom Boxed Set Review!

After knowing about this product for over six months, I finally received my copy of the Novacom boxed set in the mail last week. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the box (to which I will refer henceforth as the Novabox) was significantly smaller than I had expected it to be. Compared to a typical CD album, the Novabox is not that much bigger - which is a definite plus in my mind. Since it's so compact, it makes for a great traveling package. It's a lot more convenient, for instance, to bring something like this on a road trip than four CD albums.

Another thing I liked about this set is the whole look of the Novabox. Not only is the cover art fantastic, but the gloss finish is also a nice touch. The packaging is rather durable as well - none of this cheap, flimsy cardboard. As for the actual contents inside the box, you've got the "Top Secret" document as well as the ten discs. You can check out the high-res photos of the Novacom set here.

Obviously, you must be wondering what's contained in the Top Secret document. It basically offers a quick introduction to the saga, a casting listing for the main characters, and an episode guide listing the episodes and a short synopsis for each.

Then you have the only information that's truly new - Novacom's "evil" master plan. Essentially, it's the entire story arc summarized through various plot points as written in a letter from the Chairman to Bennett Charles. It lists the ultimate goal of Operation Think Tank, its purposes, and initiatives required in order to accomplish the master plan. It's quite an interesting read, as it explains various plot points not explained in the actual radio series - for instance, it reveals the person responsible for convincing Mary Hopkins to install security cameras in Whit's End Connellsville.

I've only listened to the first few minutes of the bonus disc because I'm trying to save some of the behind-the-scenes material for later. I'm sure I'll have more to say on that in a few weeks. It's pretty hard for me to find any fault with the Novabox, although I'm a little concerned with the binding right at the hinge, which, over time, could definitely wear out. But overall, I'm very impressed.

If you don't own all the Novacom episodes, this is a must have product. And even if you do, you won't want to miss the one hour bonus disc. Listening to Jess Harnell create the voice for Bennett Charles is absolutely priceless.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Unofficial Podcast Ep. 54

04.11.09. More Canadian goodness returns to the podcast as Catspaw and Boswell join me once again for another round table discussion about all things Odyssey. Mostly. Be sure to check out Boswell's recent discovery of the next upcoming Odyssey album - the Dusty Episodes!

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Running Time: 51:35

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Updated Official Podcast Page

If in case you haven't seen it already, I wanted to quickly point out that the Official Podcast has made an exciting update to their webpage! They've reformatted it into more of a blog, allowing fans to post comments on each entry. It's definitely a major improvement to the website and I'm looking forward to hearing from the more 'casual' fan - those who might not have time for or interest in joining a message board. ;) Be sure to check out the blog and leave a question for the actors who play all four Washington family members!


Hey y'all it's Sarah! I just wanted you to know I'm still alive and well. I'm busy with school and stuff but I can tell you that you MIGHT get to hear from me soon...maybe - if you are good and behave yourselves and obey your parents and eat all your vegetables (this includes chocolate). ;)

Hope you all are well and I miss you all and I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Easter!

Love ya,


PS don't forget the Novacom box set is out now and that the AIO Live! show will be out in a few weeks for purchase! I can't wait to get my hands on them - especially the Live! cd! YAY!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Upcoming Podcast

Things have slowed down on the Odyssey news front, but that doesn't mean there's nothing to talk about! In last week's episode of the Official Podcast, we heard a variety of clips that didn't make the final edit for the bonus disc for the Novacom Boxed Set. That very set is currently available for preordering - check out the sidebar for links.

In other news, we'll be releasing our next podcast on April 11th. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please drop us an email at

EDIT: Nathan Hoobler has a blog?