Monday, July 26, 2010


Hello everyone! This is Sarah! Don't take us off your favorites yet! I'm still here and I hope to try to keep you updated with some of the latest news, AND come fall when the new episodes air, I just *might* be back with a co-host! I'm seriously considering doing a rotating co-host until I find one who is a good fit. Tell me what you think!

Also, there has been lots of news about the upcoming albums. Jacob Isom over at has posted the potential new covers for Album 52 Cause and Effect as well as the Lost Episodes. Check them out! Album 53 is in the process of being recorded as well. The cast and crew were in California last week recording the episodes for the 12 parter written and at least partly directed by Paul McCusker. The title has already been released and is The Green Ring Conspiracy. It sounds great, and I've heard whispering about some surprises in store in the album - YAY!