Friday, March 26, 2010

Deleted Scenes!

YAY! So I just discovered another GREAT reason to buy Take it From the Top. First, of course is to support Focus on the Family so they can keep making new episodes. Second, the really cool insert about each of the characters in the album and behind the scenes info. Third however, is that there are pretty awesome deleted scenes in the album. So far I've gotten two or three in The Inspiration Station part 1. (you can hear the Parker family discovering Matthew's tinkering as well as Connie having a nightmare leading to her return to Whit's End) Both are worth a listen! Part two has some extended scenes with Mortimer in the Library (which is as far as I am right now)

This discovery has solidified my choice (I hope) to not listen ahead so I can notice the differences.

Reviews are coming soon, I promise, but now that I know there are differences, I want to re-listen to both versions of each show aired so far again.

Feel free to point out any you noticed in the first three episodes of the season!