Saturday, February 28, 2009

More Album Artwork!

Things have been rather slow on the Odyssey front lately, but thankfully we have some new artwork for all you news starved fans. This latest repack introduces a scene from Album 18: A Time of Discovery and is a vast improvement from the original cover. I absolutely love the feeling of dread evoked in this illustration, with Jimmy and Lawrence desperately pedaling away from an alleged alien attack.

My only disappointment with the artwork is the inconsistency between Lawrence in the repack for Album 16. Aside from what his character is wearing, there is very little about this latest drawing of Lawrence that resembles the other one.

But I'm really nitpicking here... overall, the cover is great. Thoughts?

In the meanwhile, we finally have our hands on the back cover of the Adventures in Odyssey Live! CD/DVD set. It definitely looks like it's going to be one jam-packed set. Only two more months until it is released!