Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Inspiration Station Part 2 Review

Finally! It's here! Sorry it took me so long to do this guys, but here it is. Hopefully I'll have the others up soon too.

Oooh - Eugene on coffee - scary thought.

I love the scene with Whit and Eva. Reminds me of the old episodes where parents came in to talk to Whit about things.

So apparently only Whit, Connie, and Eugene work at Whit's End anymore.

Connie's addiction reminds me a lot of the Twilife zone episode about the chicken - what was that? Addictions. Also Zachary in A Touch of Healing (I think that's the ep I wanted)

Ok So we learn who Whit's friend is - Mortimer - a man/character in Whit's new invention. I have to admit, I was shocked when I heard this character because he sounds EXACTLY like Finnian Jones from the Lamplighter Theatre broadcast - down to the big library and fast train. I'll hold back most of my thoughts on this for now and explain why in a future blog. However, I will say that while at first I felt cheated that it was the same character with the same voice by the same actor as lamplighter, I was informed by my sources that basically if there were such a thing as coincidences then this would count. Once I found that out, I liked it much better - he is a great character!

Also the scenes with Mortimer are extended on the cd.

The Thomas Alva Edison reminded me of the Potential in Elliot. :) I also like that they made the story different though. I never knew the connections between some of these inventors. :) Mortimer did a great job encouraging Matthew to keep inventing. The blank book idea was cool.

Heehee a Whit messing up the town clock. The team really has a thing for the clock. The videos, Malachi's Message, and I'm sure there are others.

Good lessons for Matthew - if God has given you a talent or a gift, keep at it even if you mess up. You never know where that mess up might take you.

I love Connie's backtrack about people asking her to talk - that is something I do too - accidentally exaggerate then catch myself and have to backtrack down to reality.

It really is depressing to see who you can be then have it not last and feel like you can never be that person. This whole segment with Connie really reminds me of me. Everyone knows or thinks they know who they should be - at least what they think other people think they should be - but very few of us (like none) are actually capable of living up to that expectation. We have to remember that the only expectation that matters is God's. I struggle with this so much at times always feeling like a failure, and God reminds me that I'm not. That and everyone else before me felt that way too. Isaiah, Peter, David, and so on. It also reminds me of the Relient K song Who I am Hates Who I've Been.

Great redemption scene with Matthew and Eugene as well as Whit and Connie.

I love how they worked in all the people from the "Get Your Voice on AIO" promo from a while back. *tear*

Overall, I like how they wrapped up together and the messages presented. Very applicable to real life. Classic AIO in my opinion. 4/5