Thursday, April 24, 2008

Adventures in Odyssey... on iTunes?!

With the rapidly changing technology, downloading songs and audio books on MP3 is becoming a popular alternative to buying the actual albums. Until recently, Adventures in Odyssey, has lagged behind. Earlier this year, Christian Audio began selling Odyssey albums, from Vol. 1 through Vol. 38. But this didn't solve the problem for fans who wanted to buy only one or two episodes missing from their collection.

In Nicky's voice... until now! Ahaha!

I recently did a search for Odyssey on iTunes and look what I discovered. Currently, there are twenty-three episodes available, representing all the shows on Album 1: The Adventures Begins and Album 2: Stormy Weather (except for Promises, Promises). Upon further examination, it was noted that these episodes were presented by For those unfamiliar with the website, it's essentially one that provides a wide variety of audio books, magazines, newspapers, radio shows, and podcasts for online download. Anyhow, a quick peek at Audible found individuals episode downloads for not only the first two albums, but Album 3: Heroes as well!

They may not have all the albums up on iTunes yet, but this is a great start. To be able to purchase individual episodes will a huge plus for many. At $3 per episode, it's definitely an affordable price for those who only need a couple to complete their collection. Here's hoping they continue adding more episodes over the next few months.