Wednesday, February 20, 2008

An Unofficial Preview!

With the release of the latest Official Podcast, it's clear that this season will soon prove to be one to remember. In similar fashion to Album 25: Darkness Before Dawn, the episodes in the 50th album will be self-contained, meaning all the shows will be interconnected. It all begins with the discovery of an 100 year-old time capsule buried somewhere in Odyssey. This remarkable find coincides with the town's nomination for the best small town in America. It just so happens that The Best Small Town is also the album title for the upcoming season, as confirmed by the product resource listing available at

As we heard in the preview and in our interview with Nathan and Marshal, favorite characters from the past are going to be making special appearances, including Jimmy Barclay and... Lucy Cunningham-Schultz?! I can't reiterate it enough--this is going to be an incredible season.

As promised, Sarah and I will be back in March to give our full review on A Capsule Comes to Town. We'll also be launching an exciting season-long contest, so check back for more details!

Only nine more days!