Wednesday, June 24, 2009

WodFamChocSod Recipe!

YAY! I talked to my secret source and well I think we got things figured out. So here's the recipe like I promised everyone:

You take ------

WAIT A MINUTE!!!!! You guys were trying to trick me into giving you the recipe! Well that didn't work on Jason with Raspberry Ripple and it won't work on me with WodFamChocSod's either. Remember, Me + Jesus is ALWAYS a majority. ;)

I'm sorry guys, I tried, but I just can't tell you how to make one. My source made me promise to never ever tell anyone EVER! Apparently it's a matter of national security or something like that...hmm you know..they DO have the Air Force Base or Academy or something right near them...hmmm...I wonder..... Anyway, I guess you will just have to go to Whit's End in Colorado Springs to taste one! Sorry I couldn't help guys, but I promised on pain of death, and well, if I give in and tell you then we'd probably get cut off from all our inside information, and then we wouldn't be able to make you happy as a listener, and THEN where would we be?!

Ok for now this is Sarah signing off