Saturday, March 1, 2008

Updated Album 35 Cover Art

Well, a happy March 1st to everyone! It's hard to believe spring is already around the corner. A Capsule Comes to Town has been out for four days now... any thoughts? Certainly a different style of episode with which many listeners may be confused. Apparently, this particular episode was modeled after Chicago Public Radio's This American Life. Having never even heard of the program, much less listened to it, I certainly didn't draw the parallel.

I plan on listening to an episode of This American Life over the weekend, so that will probably help provide more perspective. As far as our podcast goes, we probably won't be posting it until Tuesday. I've currently swamped with final assignments, so I'll need most of the weekend to complete them.

In the meanwhile, check out some of the latest cover art! Album 35 has been repackaged and will be available for re-release this April. Once again, another dramatic improvement over the original cover. Your thoughts?

Finally, a quick update on the Album 33 repack, which was briefly highlighted over a month ago. It's slated to release sometime this month. The next album to be repackaged is Album 27: The Search for Whit, which will come out this June. I can't wait to see the cover art for that particular album!