Friday, March 30, 2007

Unofficial Podcast Ep. 8

March 31st, 2007 Episode

- Third part of our interview with David Griffin!

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Running Time: 35:13

Friday, March 23, 2007

Unofficial Podcast Ep. 7

March 24th, 2007 Episode

- Second part of our interview with David Griffin!

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Running Time: 31:13

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Unofficial Podcast Ep. 6

March 17th, 2007 Episode

- First part of our interview with David Griffin!
- Bloopers

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Running Time: 30:22

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New Episode Titles

My intial thoughts can be heard on the Unofficial Odyssey Podcast Ep. 5, but I'll go a little more in depth here. ;o)

Best of Enemies (April 28th)

Logic would tell me that it's an episode that highlights the ongoing relationship between Tamika Washington and her new "sister," Kellie. Considering the verbal spats they had in the fall season, I would presume that they're aren't the best of friends yet. That being said, they did seem to make some degree of progress in The Chosen One II, so it might seem like a stretch to call them enemies. However, maybe that's the point of giving such a title to the show. Regardless of whether or not this episode features Tamika and Kellie, I'm wondering if we'll hear from the Washingtons more this season. I expected to hear from them at least twice and, thus far, we've only heard from one member of the Washington family.

Fall From Grace (May 5th)

We already know that this episode highlights the Straussberg family, and that Stephen Straussberg is going on a trip to Chicago. Incidentally, this sounds interestingly similar to when George Barclay had a business trip to Washington, D.C. in The Vow, the episode in which Donna and Jimmy presumed their parents were getting divorced. Due to the show's title, my guess is that this episode ends the relationship between Rachel and Stephen for the immediate future. I think it's great that the Odyssey team has used this family, from which we haven't heard a lot over the years but have grown to know and love, to handle the issue of divorce. We've seen a handful of kids with single parents (i.e. Zachary Sellars, Curt Stevens, Kellie, etc.), but we've never seen a divorce actually occur. And this is what makes the Straussberg saga so heart-wrenching. I can't help but wonder if this episode, in a way, releases Nathan Carlson, voice of Stephen Straussberg, from the show. I would certainly hope not (for reasons explained below), but there is the potential for a convenient exit if Mr. Straussberg decides to move to Chicago.

The Other Side of the Glass I, II, III (May 12th, 19th, 26th)

Several of you have brought up some intriguing scenarios in regards to what this episode could entail. I'm going to address some of them first and then give some of my own thoughts. First, let's examine the possibility of an Everett/Dalton scenario. While it would definitely be interesting to see more of Everett, I don't understand why they would bring Dalton back into the picture so quickly. Wasn't the latest three-parter supposed to revolve around Leonard (and to a lesser extent, Eugene) disposing of Dalton? If anything, I would expect an Everett/Leonard/Eugene episode or two. While I wouldn't mind hearing from Dalton again, I don't think we'll hear from him for a while.

Second, some have brought up the idea of a Monica/Jason mini-arc. This would certainly make more sense, seeing as how the writers have decided to bring back Jason into the fold. I would definitely like to see them explore Jason's character a little more and seeing (or hearing) how he deals with Monica would certainly be intriguing. That being said, I don't know how or why you would need a three-parter to deal with their relationship. Two episodes would suffice, if not a single show. While I don't think Jason and Monica are going to get re-united in this particular three-parter, I hope I'm wrong.

Now, I present to you the most intriguing idea! Okay, maybe not. Anyway, the reason why I don't want Nathan Carlson to leave Adventures in Odyssey is that he also happens to voice one of the most loved characters on the show. We haven't heard from Richard Maxwell since I Slap Floor, which, because it was a fictional story told by Bernard, doesn't really count. Hence, Richard hasn't appeared in Odyssey since The Last Resort. If the whole idea of the "other side of the glass" is, indeed, referring to an episode in which a primary character is imprisoned, it would make perfect sense to see Richard in that position--especially considering his shady past. Upon looking at the character database, I was actually surprised to see how few episodes in which Richard has appeared. And yet, he was in such integral shows that he become one of the most appreciated characters. Wouldn't it be great to bring him back for a three-parter, thereby opening the possible of seeing him return in the future? To be honest, while my hope is that The Other Side of the Glass marks the return of Richard Maxwell, I think this is the least likely of three mentioned scenarios to occur. Again, this speculation is all built around the presumption that "the other side of the glass" refers to a jail location. Maybe we're all wrong and it's referring to something completely different! What do you think?

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Unofficial Podcast Ep. 5

March 10th, 2007 Episode

- Review of the episodes The Top Floor I, II, III
- Recent Odyssey news
- Titles of the 5 new episodes coming up
- Update on our interview with Dave Griffin, voice of Jimmy Barclay

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Running Time: 25:50