Thursday, December 6, 2007

Updated Album 44 Cover Art

If you haven't already gotten the chance to hear The Highest Stakes II, I strongly encourage you to do so. What an incredible ending! I don't think a better resolution could have been scripted. Is it just me, or have the writers at Focus have really done a spectacular job with this past season of Adventures in Odyssey? During our interview, Nathan and Marshal promised they'd be wrapping up some storylines this season and boy have they ever! Let's hope next season, during which time the episodes from the 50th album will be airing, is as exciting as this one!

In other news, Album 44 has been repackaged, with only slight modifications from the original version. Essentially, they've condensed the previous cover into a more compact image. It's more or less the same cover, except made to fit as a regular CD insert.

As a side note, I really think Album 44 was where Odyssey really start to ramp things back up in terms of character and storyline development. While there were numerous episodes prior to this album that I immensely enjoyed, it wasn't until Eugene returned that the stakes were raised. The issues discussed and the messages they conveyed got deeper and more relevant to current culture. We were given a closer look at the family struggles Mandy faced and we were introduced to Kellie and the McKay family. We witnessed the brand new Meltsner arc (it should have been called The Search for Leonard) and were able to see more of Wooton's character. Finally, in this current season, it all came to a head as both Leonard and Grady accepted Christ. What an incredible finish to an amazing run... and there's still the spring season!