Thursday, April 9, 2009

Updated Official Podcast Page

If in case you haven't seen it already, I wanted to quickly point out that the Official Podcast has made an exciting update to their webpage! They've reformatted it into more of a blog, allowing fans to post comments on each entry. It's definitely a major improvement to the website and I'm looking forward to hearing from the more 'casual' fan - those who might not have time for or interest in joining a message board. ;) Be sure to check out the blog and leave a question for the actors who play all four Washington family members!


Hey y'all it's Sarah! I just wanted you to know I'm still alive and well. I'm busy with school and stuff but I can tell you that you MIGHT get to hear from me soon...maybe - if you are good and behave yourselves and obey your parents and eat all your vegetables (this includes chocolate). ;)

Hope you all are well and I miss you all and I hope you all have a WONDERFUL Easter!

Love ya,


PS don't forget the Novacom box set is out now and that the AIO Live! show will be out in a few weeks for purchase! I can't wait to get my hands on them - especially the Live! cd! YAY!!!!