Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jubilee Singers

Well Friends, time sure flies, doesn't it? The final installment of the Jubilee Singers airs this Saturday and I'm excited for the conclusion! For those who wondered, I have indeed held off listening to my cds until the episode airs on the radio. It's been tough, but I made it! I know I am way behind on reviews, but they will come eventually!

My life has been INSANE the last few weeks. I'll spare you the details, but it has been full of funerals, weddings, wedding planning, hospital visits (my Oma fell down the stairs and broke her wrist) and writing thank you notes. My wedding is in 17 days - YAY! It's coming up fast! After that, my husband to be and I decided to go on a road trip back to Virginia and we are going to stop in Colorado Springs so I can show him Focus on the Family - super excited about that and to see my friends there again!

I'll try to get in a few more updates when I can and hopefully some reviews as well. Thanks for your patience and prayers everyone! They are greatly appreciated!