Saturday, August 23, 2008

An Adventure of a Lifetime

What an incredible experience. It is difficult to put into words the sheer excitement that I felt as I sat down to watch a live recording of an Adventures in Odyssey episode. Having literally grown up with the show, it all felt like seeing a long lost relative for the first time. What a joy it was to see long-time cast members like Chuck Bolte, Will Ryan, Katie Leigh, Dave Madden, and Chris Anthony. Along for the ride were Jess Harnell and Aria Curzon, two of my favorite actors ever.

Actors during the rehearsal

They also had four surprise guests at the live show, with Donald and Genni Long, Dave Griffin, and Sage Bolte all getting brief cameo appearances. It was a real treat seeing all of the actors and getting an opportunity to talk with them as much as we did! They were all incredibly gracious with their time and they even hung out with us for a couple hours in the hotel lobby at the conclusion of Saturday's crazy day.

Chuck Bolte, Will Ryan, and Katie Leigh

Sarah and I also had the opportunity to collaborate with Bob and Jesse, hosts of the Official Podcast, on a few episodes. Over the next several weeks, you'll hear more of went what down over the weekend and what we thought of the event. You won't want to miss the next editions of the Official and Unofficial Podcasts!

Bob and Jesse talk with a fan