Thursday, November 6, 2008

Free Odyssey Episode Giveaway

In the latest edition of the Official Podcast, hosts Bob and Jesse announced they will be giving away a free Odyssey episode in an upcoming podcast. Normally, I'm not terribly excited by their giveaways since I already own the episode, but this one is particularly special since it's going to be an unreleased episode... and you get to vote on which one they release! Already, over one thousand votes have been tabulated, so go cast yours if you haven't already had a chance to do so.

I find it rather incredibly amusing that Light's Out at Whit's End has received 28% percent of the vote thus far, which is likely a response to the short clip they played in an earlier podcast. I'm not suggesting listeners actually enjoyed hearing Whit, Tom, and the kids attempt to create their own rap song, but there is something incredibly fascinating about seeing or hearing a disaster. I suppose it's not unlike drivers who slow down when passing by an accident.

Gotcha! is presently in second place with 29% of the vote. This is one that needs to be put in an album since it's connected to and referenced in It Began with a Rabbit's Foot. Not surprisingly, the episode currently leading the polls with 30% of the vote is You Go To School Where? Although perhaps no longer relevant in today's day and age, this show has probably drawn a lot of interest from Odyssey's vast contingent of homeschooled listeners.

Pulling up the rear with 8% and 4% of the vote are Addictions Can Be Habit Forming and BTV: Grace, respectively.

Which one would you like to hear and why?