Thursday, August 2, 2007

Unofficial Podcast Ep. 20

August 4, 2007 Episode

In our special 20th podcast, we read your letters and answer some of the questions sent to us via the survey. Plus, Odyssey discussion and more bantering can be heard aplenty! If you haven't filled it out already, be sure to check out the aforementioned survey!

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Running Time: 29:49


  1. I totally agree! Richard Maxwell definitely needs to return. For a completely different reason than Sarah! He also plays/co-created another drama, Jungle Jam. It is very funny, total nonsense, well not quite, show. It is my second favorite show.

    It would be very hard to pick a favorite character.

    Sarah, if you have an accent, I love it.

    No, I am still not on. I am still waiting on the administrator of the board to activate it.

    I know, T-Shirts! T-Shirts celebrating 20 episodes!

  2. Jungle Jam and Friends is a great show, right up there with The Pond and Adventures in Odyssey.

    Favorite character? Impossible.