Sunday, December 16, 2007

Countdown to the Spring Season Premiere!

Well, we have the names of the episodes for the next couple months. They've posted all the titles over at, and it looks like we'll be hearing some of the greatest Bernard shows of all-time.

December 22: Suspicious Minds
December 29: Room Mates
January 5: The Conscientious Cross-Guard
January 12: Feud for Thought
January 19: My Fair Bernard
January 26: First-Hand Experience
February 2: Third Degree
February 9: Blind Justice
February 16: Poor Loser
February 23: Bassett Hounds

...which, of course, leads us to the spring season premiere which airs on March 1: A Capsule Comes to Town. In honor of this momentous episode, I've added a countdown to the right-hand column. Only 75 more days, folks!


  1. Wow! It is on the day before my birthday! What a nice prep birthday present from the Odyssey team! They totaly did that on purpose! lol. Thx for the info though.

  2. *Cough cough* since Christmas is so short away dude, and everybody's all excited about it and there's not a lot to do for those of us who have our shopping done, I don't suppose there's the teeniest of chances of you putting the podcast out early? In any case, thanks for doing the podcast. :)

  3. What, you can't wait three more days? ;)