Tuesday, February 12, 2008

First Ten Episodes Revealed!

In our interview with Nathan and Marshal, it was mentioned that all of the upcoming spring episodes would tie back to previous shows... not necessarily in terms of content, but definitely with regards to the title. Nathan suggested, "A lot of the stories will evoke memories of past shows." It'll be interesting to see the extent to which these new episodes relate to their historical counterparts. The writers, especially Nathan, have always done a fine job making references to past characters, events, and episodes, but will it go to a new level with these new shows? Well, you can start speculating because we finally have the names of the first ten episodes of the spring season!

March 1: A Capsule Comes to Town
March 8: Suspicious Finds
March 15: A License to Deprive
March 22: Accidental Dilemma, Part 1
March 29: Accidental Dilemma, Part 2
April 5: A Class Reenactment
April 12: The Forgotten Deed
April 19: The Triangled Web, Part 1
April 26: The Triangled Web, Part 2
May 3: Rights, Wrongs, and Winners

Just 17 more days, folks!


  1. wow, can't wait to here them, just wondering where did you get the names? I can't find them anywhere else. thanks

  2. We have a bit of an inside source who lets us know some things ahead of time. :)

  3. Please please tell me y'all will be doing podcasts during the looong long hiatusy thingy? That's just too long w/out AIO and I have the old ones memorized...

  4. Absolutely! We'll continue with the podcasts as long as people remain interested! Over the hiatus, we'd like to do more interviews and incorporate more participation from listeners. Maybe you have additional ideas? ;)