Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Re Ep 32 and the Washingtons

Ok everyone, so I've done a bit more research on African Americans owning property in the Colonies/early 1800's era in US history. I've found that in Virginia, at least, freed African Americans were allowed to own property as early as 1651.

"Anthony Johnson, a free African American, imported several enslaved Africans and was given a grant of land on Virginia's Puwgoteague River.Other free African Americans followed this pattern."


So there you have it. I do not know however, if this goes for the Ohio territory as well, or if this law was retracted, as many were over the years leading up to the Civil War. I also still don't know if African Americans were allowed to pioneer land, and if so, how common it was. Again, anyone with more info would you please let me know? Thanks so much!



  1. But AIO can't be in Ohio...cause Ohio is east of the Mississippi and all of Odyssey's radio stations start w/ K. East of the Mississippi radio stations radio stations start w/ W. (Ohio is, um, east of the Mississippi... right?)

  2. shh just go with it. :P We know that it doesn't really exist anywhere, but in the Underground Railroad episode it's at least north of the Ohio river and thus in Ohio Territory - at least it would be a territory at the turn of the 18th century, right? ;)

  3. Makes cents to me! :D

  4. I grew up in Ohio, and when I was young was confused by the Kyds radio call sign... When I got into radio a little more, I figured that the west of the mississippi call sign and the seemingly east of the mississippi setting were intentional in order to MAKE it a "nowhere" place. In reality, I think that it is just a consequence of Ohio being awesome, but the writers/FOF being more familiar with west side of the country/radio stations.