Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Suspicious Finds" Available!

By the looks of it, they'll be adding new episodes around midnight each Tuesday. That's perfectly fine by me if it continues! Although it's pretty crazy that they've released the second episode before we even reviewed the first one... anyhow, you can listen to Suspicious Finds by clicking here.


  1. Bart's voice sounds really weird, but the accint sounds lik Bart just not the voice. Asside from Barts voice the show was good. Thanks for having it on the podcast

  2. This show was like a repeat of that one from a few years ago about the guy who was writing a book and riding his bike across the USA! I found that Connie doing the list of rules and stuff was really similar, listen to those two scenes again and you'll know what I mean! This show was great, though! And how did they get Tom's voice but not Bart's?