Thursday, April 24, 2008

Adventures in Odyssey... on iTunes?!

With the rapidly changing technology, downloading songs and audio books on MP3 is becoming a popular alternative to buying the actual albums. Until recently, Adventures in Odyssey, has lagged behind. Earlier this year, Christian Audio began selling Odyssey albums, from Vol. 1 through Vol. 38. But this didn't solve the problem for fans who wanted to buy only one or two episodes missing from their collection.

In Nicky's voice... until now! Ahaha!

I recently did a search for Odyssey on iTunes and look what I discovered. Currently, there are twenty-three episodes available, representing all the shows on Album 1: The Adventures Begins and Album 2: Stormy Weather (except for Promises, Promises). Upon further examination, it was noted that these episodes were presented by For those unfamiliar with the website, it's essentially one that provides a wide variety of audio books, magazines, newspapers, radio shows, and podcasts for online download. Anyhow, a quick peek at Audible found individuals episode downloads for not only the first two albums, but Album 3: Heroes as well!

They may not have all the albums up on iTunes yet, but this is a great start. To be able to purchase individual episodes will a huge plus for many. At $3 per episode, it's definitely an affordable price for those who only need a couple to complete their collection. Here's hoping they continue adding more episodes over the next few months.


  1. Awesome! I always thought they should sell them in iTunes. What's the price on them? Can you only buy them by the album or by episode?


  2. You can only purchase them individually, at $3 per episode. If you want to download the whole album, go to Christian Audio.

  3. You can also get selected episodes from SongTouch Music Store, including the Blackgaard Chronicles. Unfortunatly, it's exclusive only to Americans. Sniff! Being from Canada has its limits.

  4. There are ways to get around that...

  5. Oh, definitely. But it's just inconvenient. ;)

  6. Wish they'd sell the whole album.
    :( HOwever...this is awesome!

  7. That is great! I am glad they are getting to iTunes after all this time!

    I do hope that one day the have the option of putting the whole album or just one episode at a time - and that they have all the albums even the new ones. =)


  8. Wouldn't it be so cool if Digger Digwillow returned for the Imagination Station, Revisited episodes??

    He was such a promonent character, and was in like, what, 2 episodes??

  9. They're too expensive. I can get an album with twelve episodes for 15 bucks! why would i want to spend 3 dollars an episode?

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