Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Collective Review of Kidsboro

Due to crazy and jam-packed schedules, Sarah and I probably won't be able to record our review of Kidsboro until next weekend at the absolute earliest. But don't let that stop you from voicing your opinions! We want to hear what you thought of this exciting new series. We just might even read some of your comments and questions in our next podcast! Click here to review Kidsboro!

P.S. We have received nine correct responses to our contest thus far. Only one more spot remains! If you have not already done so, email us your answer ASAP!


  1. Would I have received an e-mail had I sent in the correct answer, or will I be left in the dark until the winner is revealed? My dad is perpetually deleting "junk" e-mails, but sometimes he deletes the important ones too!

  2. I'm not Chris... but this is what he said in the last AIO review post on this blog:

    "You will not be notified whether or not your answer is correct until after the ten finalists are determined."

    You're safe!

    Jon S.

  3. When do u think the Katie Leigh interview will be up?

  4. We haven't talked with Katie yet... I anticipate having the interview posted in early July.

  5. what is it with early july interviews?