Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Album 25 Repackaged!

Whenever people are asked to name their favorite collection of episodes, it is inevitable that the Blackgaard Saga will be mentioned. Not only did it bring to the forefront perhaps the most memorable villain in Odyssey history, it also brought one of the most cherished characters to Christ. All while centering around the place where it all started... Whit's End. It isn't hard to see, then, why Album 25: Darkness Before Dawn has been so highly touted by Odyssey fans.

Now the big question is whether or not the listeners will enjoy the redesign! For the record, I'm rather pleased with the updated cover art. But what do you think? :o)

The repackaged album is scheduled to release in November.


  1. I think it's great, better than the original, but the same idea

  2. I like how it's familiar, but different at the same time.

  3. Hmmm... Whit's End looks different. Don't know if I can aprrove of that.

    This was definitely one of the more memorable albums. I'd have to rank it right up there with the one where Bernard and Eugene go on a road trip (if less lazy, I would go check on the proper title).

    As a side note: I continued to receive the Adventures in Odyssey albums from my mom until I left home two years ago. If I still lived with my parents, I'd probably still be getting the newest ones. My mom has a Christian bookstore, so I always had good access to the new releases, and she still lets me know when she sees other people my age buying them for themselves (I'm also twenty). It's nice to know there are fellow-Odyssey lovers out there (even when we're no longer exactly the target audience)!
    There's still nothing that makes me happier than driving with my sister's kids when they have an Odyssey story going.

  4. I love it! Though, I would think they'd somehow CHANGE the picture.. it looks good! The back they changed. What the album is about and all. I love how they put "A vandal is on the loose". So totally Jellyfish. I love it! It's amazing... I'm so going to get it! Just gotta wait for a little while till I do get the remake... :)
    This is sooo exciting!!!!!!!!

  5. Does Whit's End have a greenhouse behind it?

  6. ....for the record...

    Pun intended? I love the new design!

  7. I like it! Can't quite figure out if Blackgaard's supposed to be in a castle or what, but I like!

  8. I like this one - Whits End is more like the videos now (i still don't know it I like that) and I liked how in the old one his jacket waved in the wind - way cool - something I wish was in this new one.

    Other then that I am loving all then new ones they are making.