Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Adventures in Odyssey iPod Giveaway

I knew there was an advantage to being American.

Focus on the Family's Twelve Days of Christmas returns this month, as they are giving away three iPods each day from December 1-12. Each iPod is loaded with all sixteen Gold Audio albums, making for an extremely valuable prize. If you haven't entered already, I'd encourage you to check it out before it's too late!


  1. Thanks for the heads-up! I've been wondering if they were going to run another contest, but I hadn't seen anything about it.

  2. Yeah, americans have the advantage! That stinks!

  3. I wish we were in the forces.....lol

  4. Yeah, I'm also so sad, I received those "join the giveaway" emails last year as well and also couldn't enter because I don't live in USA.

    Focus on the Family Malaysia isn't giving away any iPods :'(