Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Ultimate Odyssey Fan Contest

The Task
Show off your Odyssey collection to the world! Any AIO-related item is acceptable and you're welcome to arrange your collection in whichever way you'd like. The key to this contest is originality. Just because you may have the largest collection in the world doesn't mean you're automatically going to win. Conversely, even if you only have only a handful of Odyssey items, you still have a shot if you demonstrate some creativity. Photoshopping is permitted within reason - we want to see your collection, not a bunch of random photo effects. Once you've snapped your photo, email it as an attachment to Sarah and I will select the winner in early January.

The Prize
What's the incentive, you ask? First and foremost - bragging rights! Oh, and you'll also receive a free copy of The Truth Chronicles.

The Deadline
You have until December 31, 2008 at 11:59 pm Eastern to submit your photo. So stop twiddling your thumbs and get to work!


  1. Ummmm?

    -Ethan Daniels

    PS I heard what you said about me on your silly little podcast. I didn't even know there was another Odyssey fan podcast. You must have like 2 subscribers.

  2. Ethan, don't be a jerk. Besides you could enter this contest too.

  3. lol! (Ethan Daniels) you crack me up man! =D

    *I bet you still think you are winning that poll of yours on your website (the one with only your self on the ballot) - lol - I can't stop thinking ow funny that was! =)

  4. I might, we'll see.

    even though I think I shouldn't have to.

    -Ethan Daniels