Saturday, April 11, 2009

Unofficial Podcast Ep. 54

04.11.09. More Canadian goodness returns to the podcast as Catspaw and Boswell join me once again for another round table discussion about all things Odyssey. Mostly. Be sure to check out Boswell's recent discovery of the next upcoming Odyssey album - the Dusty Episodes!

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Running Time: 51:35


  1. I didn't like these "Canadian" broadcasts as much as the usual Chris & Sarah show. The new commentators sound like nice people, but the show overall isn't as energetic or fun to listen to as the opposites personalities of Chris & Sarah. It felt like I was in Chris' computer listening to a chat room discussing AIO instead of a podcast or living room session. Their voices don't have much inflection and I feel like I'm listening to a computer rate and discuss AIO. The energy was just really mellow and the jokes felt more like "inside jokes" and subtle puns. I much prefer the banter of Sarah & Chris. That's my opinion :)!

  2. Thanks for your comments, Anon. It really helps when people post their thoughts so we know what they like and dislike. You'll be happy to know that Sarah will be returning to the podcast in our next episode. :)

  3. To speak for the other side, I like the "Canadian" broadcasts! I dunno if I'd like them all the time, but it is nice for a few episodes, and I'd enjoy hearing some more, though I do miss Sarah. The change is nice; it keeps me interested. Now if you'd just do some more interviews *hack hack*.

  4. Arghh!The next podcast is too far away! *faints*