Friday, August 7, 2009

New Update

Sorry I haven't updated in a while! Things have been crazy busy on my end, and I'm currently enjoying my final few days on vacation. However, after the latest news released on the Official Site earlier today, I couldn't keep silent any longer.

But first, allow me to quickly get this out of the way. As many of our loyal listeners have astutely pointed out, the cover art for Darien's Rise has been updated to a much more original and artistic design. I love how they kept the castle theme in the artwork, while using the evening setting to highlight the two moons of Marus. A vast improvement, in my opinion, from the original design.

Now to the biggest news we've heard since Walker Edmiston's passing. John Avery Whittaker, perhaps the most beloved character to grace the show, will no longer be voiced by Paul Herlinger. After fourteen years of dedicated service, Paul will be handing the reigns over to Andre Stojka, a talented actor who has reprised the role of several characters played by Hal Smith (including Owl from Winnie the Pooh). You can find out all the details by checking out the Official Podcast's latest episode. Have a listen and let me know what you think! I'll be posting my full thoughts on it later this month.


  1. This looks really great! I am so excited!

  2. I'm really going to miss Paul.

  3. Personaly I don't think the 'third Whit' will work. He sounds to me a little like Dr. Dobson trying to sound like Hall Smith

  4. "i just listened to the new podcast for the new whit - ... ast_75.mp3 - so sad.

    They should have found a better voice (there has to be someone out there that sounds more like whit) the thing is, this guy is WAY TO YOUNG of a voice, I can not make myself think of him as whit when listening to him. It is vary hard.

    It might be easier if they would come up with a story like Whit is having surgery and his voice is not feeling good ( he is in the hospital and talks to himself in his own voice (the Paul one) and is thinking how hard it will be to not have the same voice. Or something like that. They just can's keep making stories and act like nothing has changed with him. They need to have SOOM kind of transition with the 2 voices.

    I do not know if anyone noticed when whit is talking to jack, he tells him "well, I wanted to see you" and whit responds "eehh?" when a "normal" Paul/Whit response would be "oohh?" in a deep, grunt, confused, curious, friendly kind of way.

    It was just not the same. And his laugh, it... it just was not his laugh.

    I know they need to move on with odyssey and Whit - I just think they have the wrong guy. Or as "MONK" would say "He's not the guy".

    Jack was perfect in it - just as I imagined when reeding the book - but with Whit's voice being different in that scene - it kind of ruined it for me - kind of like when you watch a movie then 2 years later them come out with a sequel.... and the main caricature is not played by the same guy. It kind of ruins the hole movie for you.

    Sorry everyone change is hard for me, they did good last time with finding a new guy - but not this time. oh, and speaking of bad replacements - I think they did REAL bad with "Katrina". Not only did it sound nothing like her - but they like totally changed her character.

    I did however LOVE the beginning of that PODCAST! The hole change thing with whit was VARY encouraging.

    Thats all for now."

  5. THAT IS JUST WHAT I THOUGHT! "Dr. Dobson trying to sound like Hall Smith"! The post above is fro my post on the ToO. Thought I would post it here also - here is more thoughs on this that i put on the ToO: i agree with KODY in response to Griffin (by the way - big fan - and thank you so much for your comments!) I am sure that Andre is a great man of God well loved and will be great at being whit - I just do not think he sounds ANYTHING like whit. I was VARY impressed when they found paul after hal - he sounded VARY much like him (not the SAME... but VARY similar!)

    So, to sum it up sore me, it is not so much the man/actor as it is the voice.

    Sorry if I come out sounding mean towards Andre or anyone els, that is not my intentions at all.

    Thanks everyone for there imputes on this - I don't think I could go though this with out knowing there are so many other fans out there with the same thoughts.

  6. He reminded me a little of Dalton Kearns.

  7. I totally agree jordan!!! they have to have some kind of explanation for the sudden change and Bart too that guy sounds nuthin like him its ridiculous ill miss paul and walker!! it just wont be the same show without them :( Good luck trying to fill pauls shoes andre

  8. oh and i loved ur idea aout the mouth surgery i suggested it on the official one and u shold too