Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I apologize everyone for my disappearance over the last week. I had a crazy week in Virginia doing wedding planning with my Fiancee, and I had to take a last minute exam which I passed and I am now an official graduate of Liberty University - YAY!!!

I returned home today and had a wonderful surprise waiting for me - Take it from the Top! At the moment, I am not sure if I should listen to all the episodes now, or be patient and wait for each episode to come out. I seem to recall when we first learned that the albums would be released at the same time as the radio episodes, that I was adamantly against "cheating" and listening to the album. I may be able to hold off, but man is it tempting to listen especially since I was not expecting to get it! Some god friends of mine *wink* surprised me and sent it to me, so friends, Thank you! heehee!

In other news, Clutter aired this weekend and if you have not heard it yet, hop on over to www.whitsend.org to listen.

Unfortunately, my fiance ran out of time to show me some of the blogger tricks, but he should be able to do so remotely, so there should be some cool pictures and stuff up for you soon. (and for those who are wondering, I will post a wedding picture of us both after we get married)

Finally, don't forget the Act Like Odyssey contest going on now until March 31! Hurry and get your tape in for the possibility of winning all 51albums of AIO!

Ooh and Chris got back to me while I was away and gave his thumbs up for the new email address. I will make a separate post about that within the next two days and let you know when it is live.

Later all!



  1. NOOO!!! Don't listen! You can't! It's cheating and then you'll know what will happen before you're supposed to! Don't do it! I've heard stoies where somene did this and you know what happned?! The radio blew up! It blew the house up too! And they were never able to listen to AIO again! Don't listen before it airs!!! ;p LOL!

    Okay but for real this time. :) I can't wait to hear "Clutter". :) And I'm glad your back now. :D Congratulations on graduating from Liberty University! :D I have a friend taking enternet lessions from there. :) I think.......:) I'll have to check and see if I'm right. :) Bye for now!


    GOD BLESS!!! :D

  2. Oh yah, I'll post my ides on the new episode right when I hear them. :)

    GOD BLESS!!! :D

  3. Yeah I decided not to cheat. However, I think I will listen to each show on my cd after it airs just to see if there is a difference or anything.

  4. @ Sarah.

    That's exactly what I did with Darien's Rise. :) It made it interesting to me because I got to hear all of the little diferences. :)

    Have you entered the "Act Like Odyssey" contest? :)