Monday, March 8, 2010

The Inspiration Station Part 1

Hello Friends! I know it has been a while since I blogged, but I'm back again and with great news this time! ALBUM 51 is HERE!!! YAY!!! While I do not have my own copy as of yet, I do have the internet, so like many of you, I will be listening along via the web and attempting to post my thoughts here as I go. I do want to try and record a podcast at some point while Chris is gone, but until then, hopefully the written word will suffice. I just pulled up the Whit's End website player so I can take a listen. I'll probably just post my thoughts as I go, so hopefully no one minds a stream of consciousness type post from me.

So are you ready? Hang on tight, cause here we GO!

Whoah - forgot about different Whit voice, but I think it works ok for me.

Who is Whit's friend? – no answer. Sad day.

When the computer shuts down, it strikes me as odd that Whit doesn't seem to know what’s going on - like his tech iq has dropped a bit...but at least Eugene is back to his intellectual self.

GOOF ALERT!!! They have too seen stuff like this in applesauce and in the Blackgaard's castle episodes.

It is definitely weird hearing stuff about all these electronic devices. This seems like such a slice of life episode from the early days and then BAM! you have headphones, cell phones, DVR, GPS, laptop, dvds lol!

lol – I love mom saying let dad handle things then jumping right in to take over. Typical mom - I love it! I think this family - least parents to kids have great chemistry. Gotta wait a little on the bro-sis stuff. Olivia reminds me of Sarah from the middle years. Matthew reminds me of a young Eugene. Dad is a mix of Dale Jacobs and George Barclay. Overall, I like the Parkers. The parents definitely remind me of the Barclays.

Connie reminds me of “Promises Promises” changing herself for the better - only it seems to be working this time. Ok I take that back - meltdown. Her addiction is also like Zachary when Jason made him walk (“Where is Thy Sting?”?... whoah great foreshadowing with Connie telling Whit about her pet peeves then they all happen.

Connie - Eugene banter. YAY! Whit is still kinda off for me but getting there. He still sounds too much like other actors (so far I've heard Bernard and Jack in Darien’s Rise. and Tom a little here). However, when Whit asks Eugene about changing the shop he totally sounded like Hal's Whit - awesome! I think this is going to work out fine. 

lol at Connie not being ready to talk about it. This happened in another episode that I can’t remember right now. Help?

Whit wanting to talk to Connie about her experience in the Inspiration Station hearkens back to Whit wanting to talk to Eugene about his trip in the imagination station in the Mortal Coil and following episodes... (Note – Eugene took the trip in MC and whit wanted to discus it with him in the episodes in On Earth as it is in Heaven.)

Uh oh - Connie sneaking in to Whit's End doesn't sound good.

Background music during closing reminds me a lot of the video theme.

Ok well that wraps up my play by play thoughts. I listened twice through, first just to listen and the second to take notes. I really enjoyed this episode. It was a total slice of life with a hint of mystery added in for fun. If this first episode is any indication of the rest of Album 51, then we are in store for some good stuff in my opinion. I love that I could listen to this twice in a row and it wasn’t boring.

I thought the acting was great and I LOVE the Parker family. The dad’s voice to me is a blend of Phil Lollar and Dave Arnold. Ok maybe I’m weird, but I’m ok with that. It works and it is a great dad voice. Mom is wonderful too. I think this family has more potential to be the new Barclay family than any we have had so far. Great chemistry between mom and dad and parents and kids. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not so sure the kids as siblings have that chemistry yet, but I think it will come and will be great. Let me hear a good fight or two and I’ll let you know. I hope the Parkers are around for a long time. Matthew reminds me of a young Eugene and because of that their interaction is great!

As for Andre – I think this is going to work out fine. It will take me a little getting used to still I think, but I’m excited for the day when he does become Whit for me. I don’t think it is too far off. 

Story so far is great, I’m excited to hear part two. Also, loved the sound design and score in this episode. It really reminded of the early days of AIO where there was little music and it was only there when needed. Not over the top or even noticeable. I heard it when I listened for it, but when I wasn’t, it just blended in. Maybe I have it all wrong, but to me that’s a good thing. It added to the show, instead of taking away from it. It wasn’t over the top, but just right.

So as of right now, I give this show 4/5 stars depending on how the rest of it plays out.

Great job AIO Team and Welcome Back!

Love you all,



  1. I didn't like Matthew's music choices. They need to change that.

  2. This episode made me really happy because the storyline about Matthew reminded me a lot of 'Whit's Flop' if you think about it. A lovely little flashback as that was the first episode and this sort of another beginning for Odyssey.
    Loved it!

  3. I noticed you said that there was a goof. I'm not sure it is though. Whit said that he has never seen anything like it, which he hasn't. He was gone both times when it happened during the Blackgaard saga. When Connie triggered applesauce and when Blackgaard hacked the system.

  4. It could be argued though, that in order to create the system, Whit had to test drive it first just to make sure it worked. ;)

  5. Sarah, I don't mean to be rude, but you said "4/5 starts"...sorry....

  6. First off. Wow. 4/5 Stars. Very Gernerous for an episode like this. I would give it a 2 personally. For much of the same reasons you stated. Its not the same Odyssey I have came to know and love in about 4 different "eras" of the show. It will take a while for the new Whit to find his voice but I am sure he will. Its kind of funny to hear his voice cutting in and out of Character at several points. But I remember Paul Herlinger doing the same thing although sounding much similar to Hal Smith. But it will be nice to see what he has to bring through the series. Odyssey hasn't felt right to me since about album 44. On the bright side this could be a chance to fix some of what the series has been lacking in the last 4 or so years.

  7. Does anyone know when the album will be available? used to say it would be shipped on March 3, but now, even they don't know when.

  8. I expect a lot of people will be complaining about the new Whit voice... it's too different. When Whit met Eugene for the first time in that elevator, Paul Herlinger wasn't as jarring a change in my memory.

    But I think it was all part of God's plan for them to have a new Whit voice... God was getting ready to take Paul Herlinger home...

    As for the other things, I think it is a decent story. It's good to have Odyssey back again. It'll be interesting to see if the inspiration station pans out or if Connie will indeed do a Zachary (the boy in the wheelchair story.)

    I know that with all the budget cuts and layoffs, the Odyssey team is feeling stressed and short-handed. We need to pray for them.

  9. @ Sarah. I don't post much here but I just have to say a few things since album 51 is out! :)

    1) I wouldn't technicaly call it a "GOOF ALERT" even though it does seem to be a contradiction. I would say this though, that Whit and Eugene haven't seen somethign exaclty like this. Simmilar to Blackgarrd, but not exact. I don't ever rember hearing a sheep moo in Odyssey before! LOL :)

    2)Connies addiction to this new invention reminds me of Whit in the "Mortal Coil". Whit didn't want to leave the Imagination Station when he recreated "heaven" in it, and now Connie doesn't want to leave because she feels like she's in "heaven". What will become of this???

    3) I personally love the Parker family. :) One of my best friends in real life is (you aren't going to believe this) MATTHEW PARKER!! :) LOL!!

    4) Yes the chemisty between the siblings wasn't perfect but it will be interesting to see how it plays out in future episodes. :) The Parkers seem to be the perfect replacement for the Barclays/Washingtons in my opinion! :)

    5) Whit's voice is indeed different, but I have already gotten used to him. Although he's not "Whit" to me just yet, I hope he will soon be. :)

    6)I just want to end this by saing that my family and I are prying for you and will continue to do so. :)

    GOD BLESS!!!

    P.s. I don't plan on typing this much every time. :)

    Rock-o-Ages. (that'll be my "username". I'll sign my posts with that. :)

  10. I really liked this episode, but I have a few questions:

    Two years have passed, so what has happened in those two years? Kidsboro and Passages? Connie couldn't have been there that long, so I guess we are going to have to assume that Kidsboro and Passages take place after Album 51 and before Album 52. We are als going to have to assume that unless Album 50 is set in 2009, Album 52 is set in 2008.

    Another thing is, how long have the Parker's been in Odyssey? We know since last summer, at the least, and if my theory is right, why are we being introduced to them now? Shouldn't they have interacted with people at church during Album 50 or Album 49?

    Also, why is a grown woman voicing a pre-teen? Do they want to replace Connie with her?

    Finally, who is the friend? Is it an angel, a program, or a younger version of Whit?

    Nothing makes sense!

    Hopefully these guys will clear things up in the next eight albums or so.

  11. @ Anonymous:

    Hi. I noticed you had a few questions so I'm going to answer a few of them. :)

    First off you had a problem with the "timing" in Odyssey concerning album 50-51. Well, the Truth Chronicles and Passages were written as "non time" issuses in Odyssey. They don't have a specific place in Odyssey or time. They just happen whenever. :) Make sence? :)

    Second, the Parker Family have been in Odyssey for a while, but not on the show untill now. That is why all of a sudden we're being introduced to two new families. :) Because the actors/actresses got older for the other kids(Mandy, Trent, Liz etc.) the Odyssey team decided to create new families for Odyssey. :) So this is why they haven't appeared in the actual Odyssey broadcastings untill now. :)

    Third, if you notice in Kidsboro all the "kids" there were voiced by grown adults. :) The Odyssey team liked how this workded and decided that they'd do that more often now. That is why a grown woman is voicing Matthew's older sister. :) They are not going to replace Connie at all. They will never replace Connie for quite a few reasons. 1) Katie leigh (who plays Connie) really enjoys Odyssey so I don't think she'll ever quit. And 2) Right now at this point in time Katie Leigh is the only actor/actress who has been in Odyssey since the beginning! Hal Smith(1st "Whit"), Walker (Bart/Tom) and Dave Madden(Brenard) are all three no longer on the shows. And we know Connie appeared before Eugene so we don't need to mention that here. :)

    Whit's friend? Hmm... We don't know who he/she/it is right now. But I'm guessing we might now soon enough! :) Keep listening to find out! As Whit would say, "The best is yet to come." God bless! :D

    Rock-o-Ages. :)