Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Album 52!

Hey everyone! Boy have I got news for you today! I just got out of a super secret meeting with my contact at Focus and I have been authorized to reveal some exciting news to you all about Album 52! I know some of you are on the Town of Odyssey and have heard rumors about the new title for 52 as well as cover art for it. Well, have i got news for you! First of all, the title has been officially released and it is...drum-roll please.........

Album 52 - Cause and Effect

Now, on to the cover. The one released is not actually correct, but I can tell you that the real cover contains 3 main characters in a clock tower trying stop something from happening. Dun Dun Dun.

As for the released cover and other information like that, in the future, I'd simply wait until it comes officially from Focus before trusting it, because as we have learned sometimes stuff that is leaked isn't always accurate.

Cause and Effect also contains single part Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes - YAY!!! I don't remember the last time we had a Thanksgiving Episode! Excitement!

Also there is the brand new Family Fun Panel - on each new release/re-release as a short video. Brock and Diane will be in each with a family trying to complete a certain task. Each album has a different challenge and you must buy the album to get the instructions for it. If you complete the challenge let Focus know and you can get a button that has the album name on it and picture and what the challenge was. The challenge in album 3 is based off the episode "Karen" and involves writing a letter or a card to someone who is hospitalized or in a nursing home. Album 4 is building a volcano like Robyn and Oscar.

There is also a new book series called The Imagination Station for ages 6-9 coming out this fall. Books 1-2 will be released Fall 2010 and 3-4 in Spring 2011. Authors are Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker.

Finally, I know some people have been complaining about the new families on Odyssey and how the kids seem disrespectful and whiny. My response to hat is," You mean you dislike them because they are real?" ;) When asked about his thoughts on the matter, Brock Eastman, Product Marketing guy at Focus said,

"If the kids in Odyssey were perfect they wouldn’t be very relatable to the situations you face every day. Plus wouldn’t that just be boring? Let’s hear an example: (Begin episode) Here Mathew I’ll help you clean your room. Oh thanks Olivia. (End episode)"

I heartily agree Mr. Eastman.

Well all, that's all I have for you today. I hope you enjoyed it! ohh also be sure to check out the brand new AIO page on Facebook!



  1. I don't completly get the panel thing.
    Is that something Focus is doing?

  2. Cool! :D
    I saw Cause and Effect before you posted this though. ;P
    What's the panel thing? I don't understand it. :)

  3. It was nice talking to you Sarah! If Sarah doesn't, I'll explain the panel thing later when I post.

  4. Ok so think of it like a short video podcast added as bonus material in each album. Brock and Diane from Focus will be in it alone with a different family each album. They will have some challenge to do that fits with an episode from th album. for example: Album threes challenge is to write a letter or make a card as a family for someone you know that is in the hospital or a nursing home or something like that, just like people did for Karen in the episode Karen. After you complete each challenge, you can get from focus a button/pin that has a picture on it of the album and what the project was. They will make a nice collectors item I think is the idea plus you get to spend quality time with your family too!

    Make more sense?

  5. Thanks for being part of AIO! What a wonderful world!

  6. edit - the button can be ordered from focus if finish the challenge, but its on the honor system.

  7. It would be really expensive to buy all the albums though...

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