Monday, July 19, 2010

Unofficial Podcast Ep. 61

07.19.10. The end has arrived... the time has come. All good things must come to an end. It's been an incredible three years and we've enjoyed every minute of it. In this, our final podcast and longest together, we discuss Album 51 and talk about what future lies in store for us.

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Running Time: 1 hr, 19 min


  1. I want to say thanks to the UAIOP team for many laughs and Odyssey discussions over the years. It's been a halmark in the AIO fan community for many years and a favorite podcast of mine. We love you guys!

  2. It comes out at the end of September. We announced it on the Scoopcast. :-)

  3. Thanks for everything guys. It's been quite an adventure!

  4. You know I don't want to see guys to go way but you two must do what, GOD calls you to do, you podcast, has-help me out thought, O great now i crying a little if you go Sarah i will miss hearing you on the podcast but do, what-are LORD wants you to do I know God has big plans for the both you-two guys! I this is a lot i real like the, i love how fun you made the show sound and the what you to about Odyssey, I guess the only thing that is left is to thanks for, the show and i just want you two to know that i am praying for guys GOD BLESS, and BELIEVE ME YOU HAVE TOUCH A LOT OF PEOPLE!

    From your biggest-FUN!


  5. Wow. I was so sad when I saw that this would be you guy's last podcast, and I definitely got a knot in my throad when I heard the beginning of the montage at the end of the podcast. I've looked forward to each new episode ever since I discovered y'all! I'm going to miss hearing your insightful, hilarious, and candid takes on all things Odyssey!

    Not only have y'all been a great source of information and entertainment, I've also benefited spiritually. Thank you guys for being open about your lives, your opinions, and your spiritual journeys with us. The ending of this podcast feels a bit like loosing friends, as I've come to know you both through the last 61 episodes.

    Chris - This next chapter of your life sounds so exciting! My family is about to go through the process of raising our own support to go back to the mission field, so I understand a little of what you're going through. I know God will use you greatly on the field, but I know I'm going to miss you so much on this podcast!

    Sarah - Congratulations on your recent marriage! This too sounds like such an exciting new chapter! Since you asked what we think you should do about the podcast, I'm all for hunting for a new co-host, as long as he/she shares your passion and insight regarding AIO. I hope you can continue with the blog and podcast! I'd sorely miss your joyful spirit and "yay's!"

    Thank y'all so much for the blessing this podcast has been! The best is yet to come!

    Elizabeth =)

  6. It's certainly been quite an Adventure. An Unofficial one, of course, but a great one. You've done more for the Odyssey online community than I know you ever imagined, and it's certainly sad to see your endeavor end. (Though thank you for not cancelling it without explanation, as so many of my favourite TV shows are prone to do!)

    I have many great memories of you and your podcast, some of which I was able to share with you, and others which were formed from afar. It was terrific to meet the both of you in person at the Live show; never has there been a duo quite so dynamic. The shoes you leave to be filled are so big, even Bart Rathbone couldn't fill them.

    As my tears dry from hearing the ending montage, I leave you with one final farewell and thank you for the hours of entertainment and inspiration you have given to the online community. Oh, and Chris? Amazon is still better.

  7. Wow. I was so happy when my iTunes started downloading this. I was like YES!! The Unnoficial AIO podcast is back! ... and now it's gone. That's sad. Now all I have to look forward to is the Ceiling Fan. Which, ever since you guys went on hiatus back in December of '09; has been my favorite podcast. It's sad. But also exciting to think that it might just mean a new cohost for Sarah. The best part of the show was the (wierd) story Kevin told at the end. I laughed out loud.

    Oh yeah, I wasn't around to say this when the poll and stuff was up...but Chris is still my favorite.

    Oh yeah.

  8. I just wanted to say I will miss listening to the UAIOP. You all cracked me up with your hilarious banter between each other and I always enjoyed hearing your perspective on the show. Sarah I hope you do get to continue on with the podcast even tho it will be hard to do without Chris. Well I am happy for you both and all the best!

  9. Don't Go, Please!
    Sarah, make more podcasts please!

    hrms... Sorry, I meant to say: If God leads you to make more podcasts that would make me very happy.

    I hope your new co-host is a awesome as Chris.


  10. Dear Chris and Sarah,
    Sniffle I am so sad that you are not makinfg any more podcasts. I think that it would be great if you could still do a podcast! If you did it at like 8:00am Sarah's time and 8:00pm CHris's time. I love your podcast I have listened to it forever!!:( I listen to your podcast like all of the time!! :)