Thursday, July 14, 2011

Welcome to Summer!

Hi Everyone, Sarah here. I apologize that it has been so long since I updated last. Life has been crazy! Seminary is very intense and is taking up more time than I thought it would. I haven't forgotten all of you, I just have not had time to do much here. I hope you all are well, and while I will try to blog every now and then, I think the podcast itself may be dead for the foreseeable future. :(

A few AIO updates though.

  • The Green Ring Conspiracy aired this past spring, and it was AMAZING! We saw the return of several old characters and even a few actors from the past playing new roles! You can find this album online or at your local Christian bookstore.
  • Album 54 will be coming out this fall. It will be based on 1 Corinthians 13 I'm told and will have more slice of life type episodes again, as well as wrapping up some hanging ends from album 53.  It will be called "Clanging Symbols and the Meaning of God's Love" 
  • The Blackgaard Chronicles are slated for release September 2011, and will contain all of the Blackgaard episodes - 30 in all on 10 CD's plus a secret bonus dvd that contains asumably wesome features that are being kept under lock and key. ;)
  • Finally, next summer is the 25th Anniversary of AIO! They are planning something big for it, but what will it be? I have heard rumors of another live show in Colorado, a cruise with the actors, or even a traveling show, where they preform it in various cities across the country. I wonder what they will end up picking! Whatever it is, I'm going to do my best to be there! (assuming my husband and I can afford it of course)

I hope you are all well and you found this little update fun!

God bless,



  1. "YAY!" to quote you. :D I gasped out loud when I saw that you had posted again! That makes me very happy.

    But it makes me very sad that the podcast is most likely dead. You guys had (and probably still have) the best AIO podcast out there, and it's very sad to see you go. I've listened to many of the episodes several, several times. They are all as entertaining as Odyssey!

    But I understand your decision. It was great while it lasted, and I had fun. You guys had a wonderful run that was blessed by God. Thank you for all the work you put into it for the years that you did it. You were very greatly appreciated.

  2. Yeah, "to everything there is a season..."

    Sarah's on a new adventure now... Marriage!!!

    I've been married since 2003, have 2 kids, and still in love!

    Much thanks to Focus on the Family for all the advice over the years... date nights, conflict resolution, spaghetti and waffles, 5 love languages, and all the other stuff I first learned from Focus on the Family all contribute to the wonderful marriage Juliane & I have.

    The first 2 years were the roughest as all we learned to apply all the theory we learned from Dr. Dobson and his guests, but we hung in there and it's really paid off. Now we're also trying to help other couples.

  3. How sad the podcast is pretty much dead.

    You should throw in some cameos on the Ceiling Fan!

  4. I can't wait to see those asumably wesome features!

  5. This "Clanging Cymbals" thing? Worst. Title. Ever. imho

    ...very much looking forward to The Blackgaard set though

  6. YAY!!! I was Starting to worry you dropped off the face of the earth. Glad to hear you are doing well, though it does sadden me to hesr yet another time that TUOAIOPWCAS (The Unofficial Adventures In Odyssey Podcast With Chris And Sarah ) won't be continuing. :( I'm totally gonna get the Blackgaard set because I've actually never had the opportunity to listen to the saga. Joel's right, a cameo on TCF would be sooo awesome if you guys would ever be able to do that.

    Much admiration,
    Miss America

  7. PS
    How are your eyes doing Sarah?

  8. Why aren't you posting news more regularly? Now I always have to check Twitter for AIO news

  9. @ Anon: There are a bunch of other Odyssey websites that post Odyssey news: The AIO Fan's Life, The Odyssey Times, AIO Wiki, The Odyssey Scoop, and The Voice of Odyssey, to name some of the more regularly updated ones.

  10. Hi guys,what's goin' on?
    I like this site!