Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sarah's Answer That! Review!

Hey everyone!

Well, you finally get a blog post by Sarah - yay! I really am a person outside the voice! :D

I was so excited to get this game, and I played it as soon as I got home from college. I'm planning on having a small party to play it with some family friends this Friday, but sadly, I needed to post my review before then. I've played it several times through already, but if anything changes after Friday, I'll be sure to post something - though I doubt it would. ;)

Alright, I played the game twice through with my parents and each time played all he way around the board making sure to get plenty of both card and dvd related questions. My parents aren't really Adventure's in Odyssey fans, so that made it a little more interesting. I really enjoyed the game alot, and had fun with the questions. A lot of them seemed rather easy for me - but then, when you know the answer it's always easy, right? ;)

However, there were several questions that stumped me - some fairly, others not. I have never played the video games, and kept getting questions about them on the dvd, but I was able to figure a few out. The fair stumps were questions asking which episode a line came from or who said it, and some of those were kinda tricky!

The second round we played, we decided to try one of the presorted questions on the dvd - the one for those who didn't know Odyssey very well. I was under the impression that those would be non-AIO related, and I was apparently mistaken in that. They were still Odyssey related, but were really simple - and most of them had the answers in the question. That was a bit of a bummer, because ot made it feel rather dumbed down. Perhaps there are other sets that are just history/Bible related, but we were unable to find them. (If we locate them this weekend, I'll update this)

I also played the lightning round and had fun with it too.

Overall, I enjoyed this game a lot. The board and pieces were fun (though I thought that Tamika was a rather random choice for the only kid character...) and the questions on the cards were enjoyable as well. The dvd portion was also interesting (the theme gets a bit old after a while, however) and I really enjoyed getting to hear clips from episodes as well.

My final rating is probably a 4/5., and I recommend this game to any Odyssey fan out there. :D

God bless, and Merry Christmas Everyone! I hope some of you are blessed to get this under your tree this year. ;)



  1. This is like the first time you have posted anything without Chris and thats cool! Merry Christmas too

  2. I know. I know. I'm sorry. :(

    I didn't have an account for a long time, and then I got bogged down with school/not being able to see. But! I"m here now - kinda...I still have seeing problems and lots more homework thanks to that - joy.

    However, I will try to post more soon!:D

  3. You don't need to be sorry Sarah I'm just glad you posted something,

    I hope you have a wonderful Chrismtmas filled with family and friends and love

  4. O ya so cool awesome I just got the Andswer that game in the mail todayu my dad orderd it like two months ago but it didn't come to Davao tell now. I am so exited

  5. I still don't know if it is worth it or not - do you know if the DVD stuff repeats a lot? -That is the one thing I hate from all the other "seen it " games where it just keeps playing the same clip every five clips.