Thursday, December 20, 2007

Unofficial Podcast Ep. 28

It's been nearly three weeks since we spoke with Lauren Schaffel, but now we finally get to release the full interview! Due to some technical issues, we unfortunately ended up losing some sound quality during the recording. As a result, Sarah and I are not nearly as crystal clear as I would've preferred.

And yes, I do realize Lauren started with Adventures in Odyssey nine years ago and not eleven like I said on the podcast. Pretty poor mathematics on my part... but hey, blunders and mishaps aside, it was still a thrill having Lauren on the show! Hopefully, ya'll will enjoy the interview as much as we had recording it!

Right-click and save here to download.

Running Time: 41:18


  1. Hooray for long podcasts! Terrific interview w/ a terrific actress. And since I brought up interviews, is there any kind of criteria for the questios we send in for Nathan? Thanks a bunch for everything, and Merry Christmas! *sound of jingling bells*

  2. As far as question criteria for Nathan goes, we'd like to keep questions relevant to the past few Odyssey seasons or the upcoming season. Merry Christmas to you and your family as well!

  3. I love the Lauren aka Liz adventures.I like her leadership and strong voice and opinions.She shows lots of courage.