Friday, September 11, 2009

Upcoming Interview with Paul McCusker!

Over the last couple years, we've been extremely privileged to speak with the likes of writers Nathan Hoobler and Marshal Younger, as well as actors Dave Griffin, Lauren Schaffel, Genni Long, and Katie Leigh. (Check out the sidebar to listen to those interviews!) It's been a long time coming since we've spoken with a member of the Odyssey team, but today we're pleased and proud to announce our next interview will be with writer Paul McCusker.

As the creator of the Passages series, Paul recently directed the radio adaptation of Darien's Rise and is currently working on the shows for Album 51. If there's anything you've been dying to know about Passages or Darien's Rise, don't delay!

Click on the image below to get started!


  1. I'm not registered with the ToO, but I would like to ask Paul McCusker two questions. "Are there plans to dramatize the rest of the Passages series? I think that they would all make great radio! Also, directly related to Odyssey, has Philip Glossman run his course, or will he be back to pull some more tricks? Mr. McCusker, you may not like your voice, but everyone else does!"

    Rachel D., Major Passages and Odyssey fan!

  2. I've been hoping that you would do and interveiw with Paul McCusker!

  3. Are you able to reveal any news about the next season?

    Jacob I.